An Interview with a PESC Collection Gamer and A brief personal account

An Interview with a PESC Collection Gamer and A brief personal account - PES Collection An Interview with a PESC Collection Gamer and A brief personal account.To round things off and put you more in the picture, we got the perspective of a guy who’s been gaming PESC for the past two years or so. We had a Q&A session with the guy who is always on top in nearly every event. His Team is in the making and everyone knows how much bad luck he had in the past. Here’s what he has to say:

Just a side note, as of answering these questions I (James) have been playing for 872 days. With only 3 stellar titles currently to my name, but with a much improved team in the last 2 months. My team name is currently WTFxNEO Gimme40. I have only 1 Cost 40 player but have accumulated 21 Cost 35 and up players, may have mixed some more away.

Please tell us something about you

My name is James, I am 24 and live on the Isle of Wight, which is a small island at the very south of the U.K. I like all things football in general and am due to have my first baby in under a week now -the gender we haven't found out so it is a surprise!

So how would you define a PESC Gamer?

For me personally, a PESC gamer is someone who wants more from a football game than just scoring a goal or 2. A PESC gamer is someone who loves the idea of collecting their favourite players (or trying to!) in a variety of ways with a different number of rarities/types of them available. Also someone who enjoys the 'collection' part of the game, making up a team with the team they support, or country they are from as an extra option. Or a team made up all from the same 'type' of cards, and having a large variety of ways of upgrading the players you collect, Rather than the standard games where you get a player, put them in your team and cannot do anything more to them.I think initially the events are something that grabs a player also.

How long have you been a playing PESC? Do you play other games simultaneously?

I have played PESC for 872 days as of today. While playing PESC there have been a few games that I have played for short periods, most recently FIFA mobile, but none have grabbed me and excited me anywhere near as much as PESC has.

How many hours a day do you spend gaming?

For me it depends mostly on what event is currently running in PESC, and how much time on that particular day I have spare. (sometimes work plays a part in that)On average I'd say I can spend 2 or 2 and a half hours a day during a relaxed week in the game. In a week where there is more going on I can play maybe 3-4 hours a day. And during my favourite events like Attack the Frog and the tower of PES, I can play every minute I have spare, which can be 8-9 hours each day! I do notice though as time has gone on I do find myself quite lost during the quiet weeks in the game.

PESC Gaming is usually a guy thing. Do you agree? Why?

I do definitely agree, mainly because it is a football related game and also a card collection game, which are both very male-orientated games in my opinion. Although I do know there are a select few females that play PESC.

How does PESC gaming make you feel?

On the whole very happy, I am very attached to the game and over the time I have played I have had so much more enjoyment from it than any other game I've played. Although at times when you are having a bad period in the game, due to no upgrades or boring events in succession, it can get frustrating and feel annoying, but you generally always come back to it.

Would you say it’s one of the biggest commitments of your life?

Besides the obvious family/friend and work commitments, which of course take priority, I would say it is definitely high in the list of commitments I have, I am very much attached to the maintenance and also growth and progression of my much-loved team.

Tell us something about the PESC Community please...

The PESC community is much vaster than I first thought. I was a member of NEO from the start and communicated with many other players there, but in the last year I have extended my reach to other communities that also play PESC. There is a Facebook group for PESC, mainly including HK players calledWTF(this stands forWhat the Fun!) PES Collection. They have over 500 members there, and their teams are in my opinion the most noticed and on the whole strongest in the game. They are recognised by the team name tag WTF, in the same way a lot of players from NEO start their team name with this tag. Also there is a group for players from Indonesia. (recognised by the team name tag INA or GG I believe) By initially becoming a member of these groups I got to know like-minded players of the game outside of the NEO forum. I am fairly well known by quite a few of the players now in both groups, some of the players from both groups who play the most and rank well in all events also recognise my efforts. 2 whatsapp groups are also extremely active, one is the WTF whatsapp group and another was initially made up by a NEO friend, just called PES Collection. In here we have some of the very best and strongest teams from the multiple communities, making it not only one of the most diverse but also the most worthwhile place to share information! They are very active on a day-to-day basis and can rack up hundreds of messages a day, ranging from prize draw results, event screenshots and rewards received in-game, League/GP results and help + support, and a general chat group to offer advice to each other. Using this particular whatsapp group we have been able to invite players from all other communities (WTF, INA, GG, NEO, MY and more) to bring them together, this enables us to organise and compete in competitions and games we make up ourselves, to make the game more interesting, and to create a very strong PESC collection bond between players that really strengthens some players in times when they feel a bit low and fed up with the game. I hear a lot of players saying that the different communities and groups we have made really make the game what it is, and if it wasn't for those they would already of thrown in the towel. Sorry for the long answer but for a lot of us now the communities we have build bridges with are a very vital part of playing and enjoying the game.

I have to ask this, sorry. How much do you spend on PESC and systems? eg new cellphone etc.?

As for systems not a great deal, I recently got a newer phone but it is on a contract so I just have a monthly bill for that, as for money in-game it can vary. On a quiet month with not many events to play hard in it can be around £80-£100. But it can be up to £200-£250 if a few high spending events come along. (the tower of PES and Union battle immediately spring to mind) I would also like to add that I very much avoid playing premium prize draws, and spend my EBs on events only.

What’s the best thing that has happened to you while playing PESC?

To be honest the best thing to come from the game is the many many friends I have made while playing the game! As I said before the communities are a very vital part of the game and a lot of us find them invaluable. We have many great characters and all have a great time talking together and sharing stories.While in-game I'd have to say very recently coming position 1 in the NDG ('G') tower and being rewarded with my first Cost 40 player! NDS6 Miranda, along with a full Limit break 5* Ibra !

What do your friends and family think about you playing PESC? Has it caused you any social problems?

Not so much problems no, but in my group of friends/family no one plays PESC besides me, sometimes I really wish they did!

Would you say that you are addicted to PESC? And when yes - Why?

100% yes. I think at first it was fun and I enjoyed it but the more I played and bettered my team the more I got excited about events, rewards and new rarities. This increased more as communities that play came together and we all got to share the game with each other! And now as I said above I find myself very lost during a quiet week or event. It is definitely a part of my life.

Is it easy to talk to non-PESC-gamers about this interest of yours?

I don't often talk to anyone else other than my girlfriend about the game. Of course she doesn't care but she humours me and listens - as for talking about it I get all I need to there from all the forums and communities we have to talk in. Some of the very best players are in these and they can play a big part in motivating you, besides talking to them for tips and advice, or sharing some for others, so I don't often feel I need to.

Advice for newbies? What do you need to get started?

Firstly you need to be gripped by the game, and get excited about logging in, collecting and playing. If you don't feel that you will not enjoy the game for a long period of time, which is very important as its a game that takes a lot of time to progress in. Other than that I would say reach out to the forums and communities I have mentioned above, ask questions if you are stuck, they are all very helpful and willing!! Spend within your means, or don't spend at all if you don't want to, and just enjoy building the best possible team you can...It's never too late to start !

Your thoughts on the future of PES Collection?

I am quite unsure here, I think it's been going for long enough now that there is definitely a big future for the game, it really depends where Konami want to/can take it, and how many ideas they have left to keep players into the game. They know how long some players have played for like myself, so I'm sure they will keep thinking of new events, even if it is slowly.How do you spot a PESC Gamer ;-)?Someone who is looking down tapping frantically at their phone (wild laughing) I even made myself laugh there - to be honest I think now the way you do is by looking for these outlets and communities. It took me a very long time to find them but once you do it really blows the game wide open !

What games have you played and enjoyed lately? Any recommendations?

To be honest I spend so much time dedicated to PESC I haven't played much else! I played FIFA mobile for a short time but it didn't really grip me, like I already stated nothing gripped me anything like this game has! I like to play Xbox/ps4 football games with my friends though when I get the chance.

Any suggestion on how PESC should be?

I've had many suggestions and sent them to Konami but with no avail, including new events like a tournament-based side event, or even getting the ones they have in WSCS (the Japanese version of this game) a bit sooner.Also a weekly login campaign where you receive a head coach badge or something similar at the end of the week for logging in every day, more 'special' badges to collect like an elly or ippei badge. And to reign in the cost of players a bit as in my opinion they have risen awfully fast. In spite of these things I very much look forward to new aspects of the game and to carry on playing!

Last but not least: Are you concerned about the difference between the P2P and F2P gamer?

I wouldn't say I was concerned no. Sometimes it is frustrating and hard to take when free players get a really great card and you spend so much on the game, but that has to happen to keep them playing too. I do think there are enough perks for spenders to keep spending in spite of this, and there is always the next rarity where you could hit the big one !

Thank you for this opportunity and I hope you enjoy reading this. I really enjoyed it and it sparked some exciting thoughts as I answered the questions!

Tadajon:Great read James! I really enjoyed reading it. Thank you for your time and answering all questions!
James:Glad you did! Hope it didn't take too long :-D No problem jorg it was a pleasure, hope it makes for a good read on the herald!

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    Magi3r aka NeoFullgasses
    Thu, 17 Nov 2016 22:38 +0100

    Thank you both for that Interview/article! :)

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    Fri, 18 Nov 2016 02:59 +0100

    Nice one mates... Really enjoy and so much memories flow in while reading through the interview... Hopefully U can get your dream CF after so long... Good luck mate

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    Very interesting interview. Great to see "your side of the story" James and your experience along it. I can identify myself in some experiences. I think it just missed one question, what's your objectives in this game? Win 30 Stellar, grab some player, build some team, reach 100k team?
    Thanks James and Tadajon