Comparison: 451-BD versus 451-B2 - Is the new Dortmund Formation a serious contender?

Comparison: 451-BD versus the new Dortmund 451-B2 - Advanced Formation
The most successful formation: 4-5-1-BD

The Grand Prix was dominated by this formation and probably whoever has this formation will play it. Lot of Titles were won with this advanced formation and only a few others, eg 442-ALC, can beat 4-5-1-BD on the long run.

Is the new 4-5-1-B2 Formation a serious contender for 4-5-1-BD? First I compare 4-5-1-BD with the standard 4-5-1-B to show the benefits and difference. What's so special about this formation?

comparison 451b versus 451bd

I think the difference is very clear. Everyone with this formation will already know and these numbers can only prove it.

13 goals and 7 Assists from my OMF (Silva) with 4-5-1-BD compared to 2 goals and 9 assists with 4-5-1-B !

Even the wingers are more active and successful with this advanced formation. Skill activity is more or less the same for them, but nevertheless they have much more impact. 1.3 scorer points per game compared to 0.5 with the standard 4-5-1B formation.

Now let us see how the new Borussia Dortmund Formation - 4-5-1-B2 - is in comparison

comparison 451bd versus 451b2

My forward has exactly the same success rate as he had with 4-5-1-BD. Silva at OMF position had also 2.0 scorer points per game, but they are distributed differently. Now he had only 3 goals and amazing 17 Assists!

Wingers seem to act differently in this formation too. They had with 4-5-1-B2 more skill activity as they had with 4-5-1-BD. They tend to shoot more also, but that leads only to 0.6 scorer points per game.

I won 8 games out of 10 With 4-5-1-BD and only 4 with 4-5-1-B2. Does that mean 4-5-1-B2 is a failure? I don't think so. It's in my opinion not a real contender, but with different players in the lineup, it might be a good formation. The key might be the Skill activities on the wings. I had NDS Ronaldo and NDS Götze there, but Aubameyang or a player with defensive abilities might bright shine with 4-5-1-B2. Because of the high amount of skill activation.

What do you think? Is 4-5-1-B2 a strong formation? How would you set your lineup?

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I test again with different player and Team-Skill. Stay tuned..

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  1. Avatar
    Sat, 19 Nov 2016 23:50 +0100

    What's your formation level for both formations? Would that be the difference?

  2. Avatar
    Sun, 20 Nov 2016 05:01 +0100

    yes. 4-5-1-BD is mastered, while 3-5-1B2 I unlocked only 1 trait