Event Guide - Part I - Attack The Frog!

Event Guide - Part I - Attack The Frog! - Events in PES Collection
James aka Jimmers92 wrote a excellent Event Guide. It's about time to release such a Guide to the public:

Ok it's time for another of my articles on our game, PES Collection. In this article I will cover all the events we have seen, some that we no longer get, and some which we do.It is obvious that on the whole the favourite event for everybody is Attack the Frog, everyone loves it and it rewards players really nicely, whether you choose to play a little or a lot.

I think Training Camp can come close on rewards, especially when it comes to actual progress for your team. It can be slightly boring but the beauty is you are guaranteed progress if you put the work in.

As a smaller event World Tour is another event guaranteed to upgrade your players also, albeit slowly!Below is my complete evaluation of each of our events, past and present, along with ratings for each.

Please Enjoy!

Attack the Frog

attack the frog pes collection eventProbably THE best event to ever come in PES Collection! The whole idea of it is fun, although maybe not for frog-lovers!The idea is you play challenge matches to initiate a battle with an ippei team (levels increase when a more difficult challenge match is played) and then you smash your way through the team of Ippei frogs to kill them, with a certain rarity each time the event comes being the "bonus frog killer".

This particular rarity, almost always a "new" release of badges, gives a huge bonus when you attack ippei, and is essential to your progress if you want to rank high and gain the best rewards! Once defeated the ippei drops his little chicken nugget shaped heart, and you collect these in your super gauge. (Super ippeis however do not drop these) once this gauge is full you meet the Super Ippei team! An even stronger team with massive damage tolerance, beat this team for a massive amount of points! (And maybe a rainbow chest!)

Super ippeis can also occasionally appear at random! And after each ippei team is defeated you are GUARANTEED a chest to drop with a random reward inside! What's not to like!?

Cumulative point rewards feature in this event, up to 20 million points. A grievance of mine with this event is that the Japanese version of the game offers these rewards up to 300 million points, which is something our international version has never seen.

With event rewards ranging from funds in the most common of chests all the way up to rainbow boxes that contain prize draw tickets (I'll admit not as good as they once were). With this event you can get everything! Funds, 5* coach tickets, head coach ticket, prize draw tickets, mixer "food", experience, pretty much the lot! Also with many options for how you want to play, from spamming 40gp/40gp matches all the way and racking up the most points, to playing 16gp/0gp and collecting chests, this is a firm favourite among players.The latest addition of an extra reward for killing 30 and 100 frogs within a time-frame is nice, but konami... Enough of that emblem ok!

Ranking rewards are always fairly generous in this event, and on the last day positions are hotly contested.

Positives for the event:
• Huge range of rewards on offer throughout the event, and plenty of them too!
• Great for levelling up, with tonnes of experience to gain from challenge matches.
• A chest of some sort guaranteed to drop after each ippei defeated
• Collecting high value chests can result in lots of prize draw tickets, and maybe even an upgrade for your starting 11!
• Ranking rewards are worth going for.
• Both paying and free players can gain well from the event.

Negatives for the event:
• The latest frog (GCS) was aimed specifically at paying players only.
• To get a good bonus early on you need a fair amount of luck from your first few tickets.
• If you love frogs maybe this isn't the event for you...

For sheer well rounded features, great rewards, fun gameplay and it being most players favourite event in the game, I'd rate Attack the Frog 9.5/10.

For my own personal evaluation, I would say this is one of my favourites, in which I like to rank high and reap the rewards it gives. I offer this event a 10/10.

PS Collction - cost tower - ranking - bots

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