Event Guide - Part II - The Tower of PES

Event Guide - Part II - The Tower of PES - PES Collection Event

The Tower of PES

Probably my favourite event, followed closely by Attack the Frog, The Tower of PES. Much more of a "spender aimed" event, the object is simple, climb as high as you can in each tower!

Players select a tower to climb in (you can leave and enter towers as you please, as long as you meet the criteria) and play other teams within the game, to collect points. These matches come in 5,10,20 and 40gp sections, with the higher gp matches giving the most points. Each floor requires a certain amount of points before you climb to the next.

tower of pes - random event 2 - pink dragon - 300x157
This event has a differing selection of towers coming to us from time to time, these include - the main tower, which has no restrictions, a Star tower, in which only 1* - 5* badges can be used, a CLS restricted tower, a 'G' restricted tower for NDG SPG and EUG badges only and Cost restricted tower.
There are rumours of other towers making there way to us from the Japanese version, but we are yet to see these. This makes for a nice event as the "collection" factor of the game really comes into its own, and this is something

I personally really like. A range of rewards are available as you climb, and occasionally a random drop of either a chest from a monster, a 1 match only multiplier or 10 minute elly boost can make each climb offer a different bonus. Fighting Spirit also helps give your team a boost if you lose a match. If you play hard like myself you can accumulate tonnes of draws to do at the end of the event! But you can if you like definitely make do with only spending a few EBs. With 5* Limit Break tickets to collect from each tower at floor 200 as well, as much as its slightly more expensive to play than other events, you do get enough out of it for doing so.

new event - The Tower of PESC - swift ascent
This event also features a "swift ascent" reward. Climb to floor 100 within the time limit and get rew
arded with a player draw, that differs from tower to tower. These tickets encourage players to climb straight away. I do believe this is one event that hasn't really declined too much since we first saw it, with only the missing tower tickets for every 25 floors climbed a sad loss. Great ranking rewards at the end of the event along with rare emblems make this an event to aim high in for spenders, but some free players would argue this event is too expensive to compete in.

Positives of the event:

• A variety of player draws on offer from each tower, making it an event worth playing in.
• An event where collecting a certain rarity of badge really pays off.
• Swift ascent tickets make it worth climbing quickly.
• Some super rare emblems on offer for hardcore climbers.

Negatives of this event :

• Very expensive for free players.
• Many players who don't spend cannot compete in the better rankings.
• Time consuming to climb high.

For a lot of players this isn't the event for them, but even with a few EBs you can earn a lot of good rewards. So for that I would rate this event 7/10.I personally love this event, and although it's expensive to play, I think my rewards have been good for what I've put in. I would rate this event for myself 10/10

Description of The Tower of PES and How to Crush the Tower Ranking

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