Event Guide - Part III - Training Camp

Event Guide - Part III - Training Camp - PES Collection

Another huge favourite in the game is Training Camp!

PES Collection Training Camp

You play matches against other teams in the game (Usually the weak ones as players can set as their friendly team!) collecting camp points as you go.

Rewards are given every few thousand points, up to 100,000. You can spend points on pretty much anything in the game, Limit Breaks, EX upgrades, draws, +badges and the list goes on!

These are all found in the camp shop.

The only sad thing is Konami limit the amount you can buy. With rewards added a few days into the event, and the option to rematch players for less GP, this is THE event to use to upgrade your team!

Facility levels increase as you play more games and with Elly FC dropping in randomly to offer you 1000 points for 10GP, racking up points is easy.

Also when playing don't forget to refill you GP with an EB straight away to gain a bonus on the points for each

Positives of this event:

• Improve your team in almost every way possible.
• Play as little or as much as you like, and still manage to upgrade your team.
• Players help each other out by setting a weak team you play against.
• Added rewards make for even more upgrades.Negatives of this event:-
• Slightly boring after a few days.
• + badges must be drawn 1 at a time, which is so annoying.

A great event all round and literally something for everyone here. I rate this event a great 9.5/10.Personally still very rewarding for my team even at this high level, and easy to play with no time restraints, for this reason I rate this event 10/10.

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