Event Guide - Part IV - Union Battle

Event Guide - Part IV - Union Battle - PES Collection

Union Battle

Another newer event and an event that is massively aimed at spenders is Union Battle.

Possibly the biggest spender event on the PESC calendar. Personally the event has grown on me and I don't think it receives quite enough credit, although it definitely has its flaws.

You start the event by joining a Union, choosing either casual, enthusiastic, or all out (only div2 and up can enter all out, and this is something I personally think way too many people abuse!) and you then get randomly entered into a union with other players, approximately 10-15 players can be in a union together. Many players, mainly HK players, try to enter at exactly the same time and tend to get grouped together, which boosts them into the strongest unions, as they are all willing to spend together.

You get 5 boots which you use to play someone from the opposing Union, these refill over half an hour periods, but again just like Battle Challenge (here start the similarities!!) can be refilled using EBs only. There are many different aspects to this event, this is another event where a certain new rarity becomes a "bonus" point provider... Although in this particular event the bonus isn't huge. You also have options to loan out and loan in a player, which is highly recommended. Loaning out a player helps boost your medal accumulation, with medals awarded when other people in your Union loan these players, loaning in helps you get more points after matches, depending on their performance... But watch out, this can become a fund-drainer!! Cumulative point rewards are available but again many of these are out of reach for most players, with only the highest spenders reaching a lot of these. End-of-event ranking rewards also feature, but they are poor. The best thing to come from those is the extra medals.

The main goal of this event is collecting medals to spend in the shop at the end of the event (again, very similar to Battle Challenge above) the shop contains some great rewards but to get one of the better rewards from this event can be extremely costly... I remember spending way over 200EBs to get into the top 100 for the kit reward!

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You must also meet the requirements for points each day to receive medals at the end of each battle, these range between roughly 12,000-30,000 in all out mode, less in the others. If you don't meet this requirement you won't receive any medals whether your Union wins or not! So make sure you play at least with free boot refills. Medals are handed out at the end of each day, more medals for a better position and also for your Union winning. If you get routed (a team annihilates you) expect next to nothing! When you play match at the same time as others this can create a combo (you can create one on your own but without your teammates help it'll be costly for you!) The combo lasts for 10 minutes until another match is won by someone in the team. This is something to try and keep going as best you can, as it boosts your team to play better and win matches easier, and also the better your combo the more points you get! You can aid this by using the chat feature to communicate with the other players in your Union.

Also 3 times a day "galaxy time" activates. This is an hour where a bonus is given each match you play and it gets bigger with more people logged on and playing in the Union. There are however many flaws to this event which include the fact you have to rely on the other players in your Union way too much, without being able to choose them at all, not good in my books. Even if you choose to spend loads the other team members may not, so you could do it all for nothing. Also the fact that you could build up a huge combo and lose it while relying on someone else is also not good.

I really like the amount of chests that drop though and the quality of them. This is something that really motivates me to play to be honest, and makes the event really worth sticking with. I don't see it spoken about often enough. The chests have quite a high percentage of dropping (the game does say the better your Union plays the more chests drop, can't say I notice much difference myself) and contain lots and lots of head coach badges, which are always useful so worth stocking up on, I find I use these all too quickly, and in the last Union Battle NDG tickets dropped from chests. So I find this a good event to collect mixer food and other badges, even if you aren't going for rewards.

There are many frustrations and bad parts to this event don't get me wrong, and I think the biggest thing I if I would change if I could is the way you join a union and to give players more of a choice of who they join with. Like I mentioned above you could spend hundreds of EBs in this event but ending up in bad teams could leave you with nothing. So I choose how hard I play very carefully.
Union Battle - PES Collection
Positives of this event:

• Chat feature is a nice touch, which we don't see in any other part of this game.
• Chests drop decent rewards, and are definitely worth playing for.
• Loaning other players to try them in your team is a brilliant idea, but can be costly.

Negatives of this event:
• You rely way too much on other players, and you have no control over who you are matched with.
• Very expensive to do well in and to gain the best rewards.
• Could spend well over 200 EBs and not gain too much in return, especially if you lose a few battles. So investment isn't really rewarded.
• Compared to other events the rewards are quite scarce for what you spend, even on the low-spending front.
• No experience earned, so no progress on levelling up just like Battle Challenge.
• Way too many people abuse the 'all out' unions, making it hard to do well for spending players.

All in all a great idea for an event, with some really nice features, but Konami has aimed it too much at the big spenders making it a flop for the masses. Also you can spend a lot and still come out empty-handed. For this reason I rate it 4/10.

Personally I feel it's a good event, but konami makes it too expensive to play. I've been on both ends of the spectrum playing hard and not spending at all, but I feel however you play you don't get enough in return. I do however love the chests, and as they offer me things I can use well after the event is gone, I'm still play it.

I rate this event 5.5/10.

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    Lenny 09
    Sun, 8 Jan 2017 03:36 +0100

    Positive point: no use of GP, means you can decide whether you spend tgem in 3* /4* Coach Badges, Skill Badges, Challenger matches for XP/crowns

    Suggestion for the event: make a Super All Out Mode with daily targets between 100k and 250k