Event Guide - Part V - Ellys Request

Event Guide - Part V - Ellys Request - PES Collection
Elly's Request

This is an event I personally don't like, lovely Elly pops up for a week and gives us a variety of challenges and objectives to complete, across a range of subjects (training players, matches, goals, EP etc) and we receive rewards for completing each of them. These include coach badges, prize draws, EBs and more. Also Elly tickets are given from the events matches, which can be used in an Elly mixer, but quite often the rewards are useless 3* players or 4* coach badges.

PES Collection Elly exercises Academy

Positives of the event:

• For very little spending you can collect Limit Break badges and prize draws.
• Elly mixer could drop an NDS player.
• Another laid back event for players that like the break.

Negatives of this event:

• Not much to achieve for the length of time we see the event.
• Elly mixer doesn't offer much chance for anything good.

For some players it's a welcome break, with easy to achieve rewards. But we have this event for almost a week and there really isn't that much to play. For this reason I rate it 4/10.

On a personal level I find this a good idea for an event but for me it's too boring with not enough to do, with it sticking around for way too long. I would rate this event 3/10.

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