Phoenix Cup in PES Collection?

WSCS - PES Collection

When comes the Phoenix Cup to the international Version? The Phoenix Cup is my most anticipated event so far. It's an semi-event only for the elite, yes. But something that comes an in-game tournament very near. And that is in my opinion what the game needs! What do we know about the Phoenix Cup? Gazzaz wrote on Neoseeker: - It is only for S Premier (Stellar in PESC) league participants - Preliminary Round: 5 days like any league - Phoenix Cup: 7 days like GP - Only the top 5

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Union Battle in WSCS

World Soccer Collection - S

Union battle is a familiar fun event in WSCS where players can cooperate and work as a one team to win and collect rewards. Basically At the start of the event, a player has the choice to enroll in any one of the 3 unions (Gattsuri, Modestly, and Chillin). Gattsuri is the hardest one among them and has the best benefits, but only teams from Div2 and up can join. Any team can join the other easier unions and they have higher discounts for renting players.

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Super WSCS day

Word Soccer Collection - S

On the eleventh day of each month, we have Super WSCS day. It is a very special day in WSCS because there are many benefits for the players Players can get the following bonuses during the whole day: 1.5x or 2x bonus when a player trains any badge Higher odds of getting 3* coach badges from the FPs draws Higher odds of getting + badges from the FPs draws Each player drawn from the FPs draws, will be automatically at level 11 The last benefit was recently added by Konami, and I

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Missing features from the global version - Part 2

Word Soccer Collection / PES

Features we still missing in PES Collection! Part 2 is here and in case you missed part 1, then it can be found in the following link: Missing features from the global version - part 1 Today, I am going to talk about a couple of Special matches which are not yet available in the global version. The first one allows the player to get 2* coach badges for 0 GP points and I have no idea why Konami is referring to it with the silverware icon.

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Missing features from the global version - Part 1

PES Collection - World Soccer Collection

PES Collection and World Soccer Collection S close ranks! Konami have introduced so many new feature to the global version this week and we all got excited to have them. More information about the new features can be found here: New update with several new features There are some features still missing from the international version , but I think a couple of them will come soon. First of all the 40 GP Special matches.

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Elly’s Special Order

PES Collection Japan!

This Week in WSCS, we have an Elly’s event with the Halloween theme. Author: Gazzaz Usually in Elly’s events, Konami add new temporarily academy awards in PES Collection. And give you a chance to collect Elly’s coach badges from matches against NDS, NDG A, and NDG B teams. NDG B is the easiest team among the other teams and gives you the lowest odds of obtaining Elly’s coach badges, whereas, the NDS team has the highest odds, but this team is no Joke with its full squad of the latest NDS badges, and

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