Phoenix Cup in PES Collection?

WSCS - PES Collection

When comes the Phoenix Cup to the international Version? The Phoenix Cup is my most anticipated event so far. It's an semi-event only for the elite, yes. But something that comes an in-game tournament very near. And that is in my opinion what the game needs! What do we know about the Phoenix Cup? Gazzaz wrote on Neoseeker: - It is only for S Premier (Stellar in PESC) league participants - Preliminary Round: 5 days like any league - Phoenix Cup: 7 days like GP - Only the top 5

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Aubameyang - Short Review

Short Review - PES Collection Badge

New GCS Borussia Dortmund Badge The new GCS vol.2 Series comes with Aubameyang from Borussia Dortmund. rvnistelrooy from NEO Forum wrote: Believe it or not, he has Speed Dribble + Pedalada Dribble as evidenced in the chain of captures. He first dribbles vertically and then immediately diagonally into the box... He activates dribble around 30 yards away from goalline, and the sparks still follow him when he cut in by 45-degree into the 6-yard box... Fascinating.

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Borussia Dortmund - New GCS Serie

new badge type!

GCS Player Badges - Borussia Dortmund and FC Barcelona vol.2 Guaranteed to be Cost 30 or Higher! Every GCS Player Badge has a cost of at least 30! These super-powerful GCS players will be a welcome addition to any team! Brand ne S-Rank Team Skill Gegenpressing - All MF's stats up 15% + defence up a further 20%! Brand New S-Rank Special Skill Perfect Number 9 - Skill effects vary depending on the Player Badge Brand New skill "Flighted Through Ball" Send a

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Player Database Update


The Player Database Interface got an small upgrade. You can find now all new badge types and the new Skills as well! Have fun...

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Black week in PES Collection

The new game changes and lower odds for high cost badges got me

Cursed accounts? I play this game since over two years, but now I had the darkest hours of my PES Career. Anything that can go wrong will go wrong! I played two round of the prize draws and gold only players below 30. I played the Frog like mad and got only low cost players. I was top 300 and got Volland and a duplicate Götze (my Götze is c40 and already full LB) Lost 7 games in my league, after I won 6 titles in 7 weeks We had a handful of lucky members on Neoseeker who got great

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Favorite cost 40+ badge


Favorite cost 40+ badge in PES Collection Over 200 votes altogether. Thanks for voting. Ibrahimovic is the most wanted cost 40+ Player in PES Collection!

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