Rising Star! Brand new event!

PES Collection brand new event!

Brand new Event: Rising Star! And Brazil & Portugal arrived! 1) New event: RISING STAR! (Ends Dec 17 at 12:59 AM GMT) New event "RISING STAR" has arrived! Scout candidates and train them to become your favorite star players! Complete all 40 evercised for a C24+ prize draw ticket (NDS/NDG included) You can get Limit Break badges as reward! Brand new "Limit-Break" Coach badges! You can limit break players with it. Rising Star emblem for completing all tasks.

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The PES Grand Prix returns!

PES Collection Grand Prix

Are you ready for the new PES Collection Grand Prix? Schedule: November 30th - December 6th (GMT) 4 matches are scheduled to be played every day, from Monday to Sunday (total of 28 matches). For the first 3 days of the competitions (12 matches), opponents will be chosen randomly from the same division. From the 4th day to the final (16 matches), all teams will be regrouped and matched with other teams that have similar points! There is no Promotion/Relegation Playoffs.

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Training Camp is back!

PES Collection Event: Training Camp

The PES Training Camp is back... *update* denni wrote on neoseeker: Perhaps someone posted this earlier and I didn't pay attention. I just realized that I need to put the scrambled 1* capt . team as FRIEND not EVENT . T he EVENT team is used when you play as the " home " team. The FRIEND team is your " away " team. This is actually good as you don't need to keep switching teams—put your strong team as EVENT and weak team as FRIEND . 1.

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New Event: World Tour France

Event PES Collection

World Tour Challenge France: Speed and Technique Plus badges! Get + Players with "SPEED" and "TECHNIQUE" parameters! (first class) Quality-Signing FW/MF/DF/GK FW/MF/DF/GK Prize Draws and Quality-Signing Prize Draws have been combined! Take a shot at getting players guaranteed to be Lv.30 or above in the exact positions you need! The BIG KICK Prize Draw! NDS rate x4 more than usual - No 3* players - 2 max a day - 5 EB per play

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NPL Season 3 is over! Winner: Chewister from EDMW

We finished our third NPL Season

The third season of the NPL is finally over! This was the first season we played with our new league engine. We had only some minor flaws, but nothing affected the outcome. We have a worthy winner, who dominated throughout the whole season. He r epeated his success from the Clash of the Titans cross forum competition and won with 13 points margin. Congratulation! These are the official results: Chewister (CZJ) from EDMW is our new Champion. He played a awesome season and was unmatched.

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New NDS: Italy & Netherlands

PES Collection NDS

New NDS Italy and Netherlands finally arrived in PES Collection! NDS ITA/NED 2015 Season2 is out! NDS Robben with almost 6k stats! Buffon with 5.6k! You can find them as usual in denni's player database soon: PES Collection Player Database Original database by denni

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