New NDS Portugal and Holland are released in Japan!

PES Collection

New NDS 4 released! They coming soon to the global Version of PES Collection: You can see NDS Ronaldo , NDS Robben , NDS Sneijder , NDS Nani, NDS v.Persie and much more. Really high cost badges, but NDS4 Ronaldo lacks the almighty bullet shot. It's a overpowered skill and if you look for him, the NDS3 series might be your best choice. NDS Ronaldo with almost 6k stats without any LB or plus 1 added! Thanks to Gazzaz for the screenshots! Some Skills: Ronaldo: speedster+header

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Missing features from the global version - Part 1

PES Collection - World Soccer Collection

PES Collection and World Soccer Collection S close ranks! Konami have introduced so many new feature to the global version this week and we all got excited to have them. More information about the new features can be found here: New update with several new features There are some features still missing from the international version , but I think a couple of them will come soon. First of all the 40 GP Special matches.

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NPL 200 league is over - Champion is fundamentality!

NPL200 - the so called chicken league is over!

Fundamentality won our first max cost 200 league! Our first NPL200 season 'The Chicken League' is finally over! fundamentality showed a outstanding performance throughout the whole season and won the league! He had the best manager skills, a perfect cost 200 team and is a worthy Champion of our Neo PES Collection Forum League - The NPL ! Congratulation fundamentality!! Details can be found in our tournament section: The NPL 200 - A PES Collection private league The NPL is a

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Legendary (Legend - LE) Badges

How to limit break them?

Legend (LE) Badges finally arrived to PES Collection! Base cost is 50, they have 3 Special Skills and they come at level 1 of 1! Roberto Baggio Filippo Inzaghi You can limit break them with Special Badges from events or just with another Legend (LE) badge of the same player up to level 11. It's also possible to limit break the legend badges via Training Camp. Their Team Skill will be leveled normally like every other A-TS, but their Special Skills is different.

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The new EX Skills - first Tips and Hints


EX-A Skills - first Hints and Secrets behind them - Guide! Personally I have only 3 EX A Skills so far which reduces a specific stat. Not the best in my opinion, but they might be useful if I level them up a bit. I'm on a hunt for better PES Collection EX Skill badges which disable a specific skill. Meanwhile I surf the net and try to find useful informations around the EX Skills. denni from neoseeker created a first database with all PES Collection EX A/B/C skills. Have a look.

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A player driven WhatsApp PESC Group

A new PESC WhatsApp Community

PES Collection on What's App - Have a look! André a PES Collection enthusiast and Admin of a PESC Facebook community page created a WhatsApp group for PES Collection players from around the globe. Main language is english. pesc-herald has no connections with this group , but I think it's a good idea to bring fans of PES Collection together. So if you want to chat with some fans or just find new friends, check it out! Andre wrote: Hello Folks, J oin Our Special Whatsapp Group and lets

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