Lets talk about skills - the decoy runner


The Dummy Runner or Decoy Runner Skill! Not completely new to most of us, but the new NDS4 Serie in PES Collection might introduce a new Skill: The dummy/decoy runner! A player who attracts the defence to create space for other players to exploit. Looks like a skill where a player will trick the defenders and let them chase him to create a space for his team mate to run easily without any interruptions. The skill will be most probably for CF and OMF.

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PES Collection Community? Do we exist?

Does a PESC community exists or are we just a bunch of individual players?

To be or not to be - PES Collection communities - Sharing is caring! This is an issue that is dear to my heart and I wanted to write about for a long time. Are we really a community or just a bunch of individual players? And what is a online community? Short after my start with the game I wanted to quit it really fast. I rarely play any games these days and when I do, I look for a game with a multiplayer part and where some skill is required.

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New Event: Stamp Challenge

New event in PES Collection: It is the infamous stamp challenge

New Event in PES Collection: The infamous Stamp Challenge! Today Konami launched an new Event: The (in)famous Stamp Challenge . A COST20+ Prize Draw Ticket (with NDS/NDG included) is the highest reward. You can get also a " beginner" emblem, a " good player " emblem and a " expert " emblem. They are all new, but don't look very attractive to me. Still no NDS/NDG or 5* mixer in sight. The Big Kick prize draw also returns with a higher chance for EUS.

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How to get Speroni in PES Collection? Or: Free Speroni for all!

PES Collection Guide - How to get Speroni?

"Lack of useful matches to play - this no-event-boredom is killing me sometimes" So I found the frequently asked question of all time worth an own article! "Anybody know where can I find Mr. Speroni? This legendary badge has to be in my box and he might be also useful for my cost 200 team!" Ideal answer from Exordia at neoseeker: Funny, I was planning the same. And I took some time to search him.

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How much money have you spend on PES Collection?

PES Collection Survey - Are you a big spender?

Are you a big spender or f2p? Old question, but still interesting. How much money have you spend on PESC? PES Collection is a free to play game with an in-game currency that you can purchase with real money. When you scroll down on the main page you see a little poll on the right side. Please spare a few seconds and answer the survery. Thanks. You can see the result anytime and it's 100% anonym. What do you think about spending money to process faster in the game?

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PESC Herald introduces a fellow from NEO: Massilia

PESC Collection Guest Article

We have a great community at neoseeker.com. Without it, PES Collection wouldn't be same! Massilia wrote an article about his experience he had with PES Collection and our community as a whole. Definitely worth a read! He h as re all y struck a ch o rd w it h me. He is mid 30s, like most of us are already over 30, and live in Australia. He plays PES Collection since 6 month now. But read yourself

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