Player Database Update

The PES Collection Player database got an update

PES Collection Player Database Update! The Player Database Interface got an update. Check it out now! I want never hear again the question " What are the final stats of player xxx? What is his skill? " :-D PES Collection Player Database Have fun!

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Giant Killing bug fixed!

PES Collection Giant killing bug fixed

Giant Killing bug fixed in PES Collection! ! The Giant Killing bug in PESC has been fixed. You can now tap on your last match and you will see the league you are next in. There are currently some malfunctions in the League Matches. Please wait while we identify and repair the issue.T his week's League matches has been suspended and there will be no promotions or relegations for this week. 1 EB and League Points (as the same amount as No.

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Let's talk about the crossing skill

Is crossing the most useless skill in the game?

PES Collection Crossing Skill? The most useless skill in the game? Seriously, I shake my head in astonishment, each time I see a simple 1 Star crosses like a NDS Superstar in the current Cost 200 Tower. I see absolutely no difference between a cross with and without activated crossing skill. I don't know, maybe the receiver has a higher success rate to score a goal, once he received the ball from a activated crossing skill. But I don't believe it.

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All PESC Leagues are broken

PES Collection Leagues not working

Leagues are currently broken and does not work as intentend! Current leagues doesn't reflect the last PES Grand Prix standing properly and If you click on your last result, the app will probably crash. ** update ** Giant Killing rewards are in your message box right now! Thank you for playing PES COLLECTION. A malfunction has occurred in the League Matches.Please wait while we identify and repair the issue.We apologise for any inconvenience this may cause.

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BOTS in PES Collection?

Do we fight against bots and cheats?

Do we fight against bots? Do some players cheat in someway? To be honest - I don't know for sure, but I don't think so. They might be some tools which help in ultra fast automatic tapping. Generally the guys in the top rankings play a lot. And if I say a lot, I mean A LOT. They have also a fast device, very important, because you can play more games in a certain time, and they have a fast internet connection.

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First Impression: NDS4 Ronaldo - Cost 42!

PES Collection Ronaldo

NDS4 Ronaldo NDS4 Ronaldo will be 42 cost! I let you know the exact stats, once we know them. But cost 42 is really impressive. 2 cost higher as the NDS3 Version.

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