First Impression: NDS4 Ronaldo - Cost 42!

PES Collection Ronaldo

NDS4 Ronaldo NDS4 Ronaldo will be 42 cost! I let you know the exact stats, once we know them. But cost 42 is really impressive. 2 cost higher as the NDS3 Version.

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Database update NDS Italy, France, Spain 2015-16 are in!

The Player Database got an huge upgrade. Check them out now!

Huge update of the crowdsourced Player Database. You can now find NDS Italy, NDS France and NDS Spain 2015-16 there! Here you find them: Player Database Original Source Big Thanks to denni ! And all contributors! How can I contribute to the database? 1. Verify the player databaseā€•please leave feedback either by commenting directly on the spreadsheet or on the neoseeker forum. For:a. Missing players. b. Wrong player information (name, cost, position, statistics or skills).

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NDS Italy is officially announced in the Japanese version

NDS italy badges

NDS Italy announced in Japan! Thanks to Gazzaz from Neoseeker. Have a look at these screenshots. You can see also the player stats. Buffon still looks impressive!

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NPL200 started! Live Ticker availabe

Brand New Cost 200 League

Our new cost 200 League has started and you can watch all the games on our public Cost 200 NPL live ticker ! Our brave participants are: Tadajon - Neo*Tadajon - ID: 755-287-628 khoikeeper - NEO-LONESTAR - ID: 906-030-798 Landesmeister - [NEO] SC Stadt - ID: 742-546-533 denni - Neo Mojito - 721-847-468 FringeFighter - Tg Tlg LE Utd - ID: 763-383-716 lin_feng1980 - Neo-Lucky J - ID: 746-876-452 BBFC - Neo-Botany Bay - ID: 683-936-870 fundamentality - 11 Carraghers

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Advanced Guide To The Tower Of PES

How to survive in top 100 without a loss? Beat the best PES Collection players!

Advanced Guide To The Cost Tower Of PES So you successfully climbed up the ladder to floor 100 and received the swift ascend bonus? Looking for more? Here is a more in depth Guide to The Cost Tower of PES! We will show you a team which can beat even the strongest opponents. If you follow it closely, it shouldn't be a problem to reach the top 100 in the ranking. Or even top 50 or top 30! Advanced Guide To The Cost Tower Of PES

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Giant Killing is back!

The GK bug seems to be fixed

Giant Killing is fixed! Check your results. At the moment I write this, eight games are already played! We have executed the following as a resolution for the issues in "Giant Killing.": -League Matches No.1 to No.3 have been rerun, followed by the resume of Matches No.4 to No.8. -Match No.9 will start from Oct 14th 12:00PM (GMT). *Please note that the scores, standings and the results of Match No.1 to No.3 may have changed due to the rerun of the matches.

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