Phoenix Cup in PES Collection?

Phoenix Cup - WSCS - PES Collection

When comes the Phoenix Cup to the international Version?

The Phoenix Cup is my most anticipated event so far. It's an semi-event only for the elite, yes. But something that comes an in-game tournament very near. And that is in my opinion what the game needs!

What do we know about the Phoenix Cup?

Gazzaz wrote on Neoseeker:

    • - It is only for S Premier (Stellar in PESC) league participants
    • - Preliminary Round: 5 days like any league
    • - Phoenix Cup: 7 days like GP
    • - Only the top 5 teams from the Preliminary Round league will participate in the Phoenix Cup.
    • - Phoenix Cup games will adopt the PK method to determine victories or defeats.

  • Only the top 5 of each Stellar league can participate and we have 300 players in phoenix cup. The normal stellar league is not cancelled and it is running as usual along with the phoenix cup and WSCS tower event.

    Phoenix cup will appear again in the future as stated by Konami, and the condition to enter it might change.Players have 5 phoenix cards which they can use to play only 5 matches a day against other participants.

    Players will get a new set of new phoenix cards in the next days. Phoenix cards can't be re-charged by using GPs or EBs.

    Phoenix Cup - WSCS - PES Collection -1Here players get to choose their opponents from a list of pre-determined teams and it is not like GP where you next opponent is unknown. I have only 80K team and was able to win 8 out of 10 matches so far because I avoided the monster teams and selected weaker or teams with similar stats and used counter formations.Points are awarded whether you win or lose a match. Obviously, players get higher points when they win. There are no draws, and Penalties kicks will be used to determine the winner. unfortunately, I never had a draw till now, so there are no snapshots.

    Other Extra points are awarded for number of activated SP skills, and Excitement points. players also gain points in this cup by using MAX LB players. (This condition might change in the future).

    Phoenix Cup - WSCS - PES Collection -2Those accumulated points are used to determine ranking prizes and ranks. There are multiple ranks and each rank has its own prize.When you click on the phoenix cup icon, a new screen will appear that shows the current participants when you click on the first tab from the left. The middle tap shows the top ranking 50 teams, and the last tap on the right, shows all time top ranking teams. Right now, it is empty since this is the first phoenix cup event.

    On the right side of the screen, you can see my team, current rank, total accumulated points, win percentage (Active -passive). Passive games means I was chosen by other players to be their opponent.
  • List of pre-determined opponents which change after each match. I can see the stats of my next opponents, their starting 11 players, and their formations.

  • I am using a phoenix card to play against this team (Luckily the opponent was using a weak team)

  • Points awarded after the match:

  • Players get an EB for playing the whole 5 matches.

  • Ranks and the required points to achieve them. The prizes are still unknown to me since the prize description next to each rank says high cost draw ticket.

  • There are some players who achieved the first rank by collecting 550 points.

  • There are certain tasks which can be achieved like participating in ht cup, placing first in the ranking, having high win percentage . etc.. Those tasks will be reset when the next phoenix cup starts.

  • The winner will get this special phoenix emblem which will be changed back to the normal default emblem when the next phoenix cup starts.

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