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You can now enter the name of a player and you will get all informations from different badges

You can insert also a special skill name eg if you enter "bullet" you get all players with the bulletshot skill, or just type "lwg" and you will get all LWG in this game.
Type "bullet lwg" to get all bulletshooting left wingers.

It's also possible to exclude something: eg "bullet -lwg"

A comparision is also possible. Try "+(coutinho memphis) +nds "and you get a quick comparision between these two players.

It's still a beta, but should work flawlessly. If you find a bug or you have some suggestions, please let me know.

All credits go to @denni and his famous contributors. I wrote only the client interface and the server side database routines.

Have fun!

PESC - Player Databases - Attributes and skills

A list of players of different badge kind with their skills. Select your source - it will open in a new window: