Shoe Strike!

Shoe Strike! - No more EB for Events

This is a Initiative from the WTF Facebook Group. It's up to you to join or not. It's up to you to raise the fist!


我們極度不滿這如屎一樣的代理。現在發起清鞋運動以示抗議!大家請支持這個運動,以行動告訴Konami 他們必須改善。我們不會再唖忍!

由現在起,除了有心追紅牛章的玩家外,所有WTFs 只會清鞋打。之後我會放個sign up list 上來。有興趣透追紅牛章的請報名,唔好俾個低能代理賺。

Konami trolled us with the 5line draws... And now they fool us with shitty prize....

These are far beyond our bottom line and it is now time for all of us to stand as a union to fight n tell Konami they need to do a better job. We deserve much much better treats.

From now on, all WTFs will only clear their shoes except for those aim at the Red Bull team icon. I will place a sign up list for all interested individual to sign up for the daily icon. Don't waste our EBs among ourselves.Shoe Strike - 0 EB

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